Our Life Development Courses are designed to help you grow in Christ and to equip you to serve in the church and community. These Bible-based teaching and discussion courses will help develop and train you in all areas of your Christian walk.


New Life.
This New Life Course will assist and encourage you with your new life in Christ. It will help your life to be firmly built on the rock foundation of Jesus Christ and His word. You will be inspired to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.


Church Membership.
In this class you will learn about the history, vision and values of Life Christian Centre. This course is for everyone 18 and over who desires to become a participating member.


Spiritual Growth.
It is God's will that every believer lead a thriving life. This class will inspire you to upgrade your prayer, worship and personal devotions. Grow is recommended for every member of Life Christian Centre.


Discovering Your Gifts.
Every born again believer is called to serve Christ, His church and His cause. In this course you will learn how to serve and be a vital part of what God is doing by using your unique gifts.


Sharing Your Faith.
This class is filled with practical tips and strategies that will equip and empower you to share your faith more effectively and reach those in your life who need Christ.


Leadership Training.
Strong, healthy leadership is vital to the future of every small group, every ministry and the church as a whole. This class helps you understand your leadership calling more clearly. Lead is recommended for those who are in a leadership role or would like to be in the future.